We have a special event for you to mark in your calendars. On January 30, 2021 Dr. Joyce Choe and Mercy Ballard will be presenting The Survive and Thrive 2021 series online with Upper Room Fellowship.

On Sabbath morning at 11:30 am Dr. Joyce Choe will be presenting The Power of Health. A look at the history and importance of our health message. At 1:30 pm Dr. Choe and her friend Mercy Ballard will be presenting on, Preparing For Covid - The Mindset and Tools You Need to Survive The Coronavirus. Something that is needed in our current pandemic.

Please reserve your spot by clicking the reserve bottom. Please feel free to share this information with your friends and family members. If you have any questions please contact Pastor Kevin at pastorcamato@urf.org.


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— Dr. Joyce Choe

Dr. Joyce Choe is a plant based ophthalmologist and health educator who struggled with severe food sensitivities and leaky gut, despite eating a whole foods plant based diet for many years. She experimented with various versions of an elimination diet, prior to experiencing significant healing at the Years Restored Lifestyle Center, founded by Mercy Ballard. 

— Mercy Ballard, RN

Mercy Ballard, RN, the founder of the Years Restored lifestyle center, began the center after she recovered from autoimmune disease. She began cooking in her late forties, after realizing the importance of making healthy food that others would enjoy. She recently retired from her job as an intravenous nurse to pursue her passion of providing practical education in nutrition and lifestyle. She is the coauthor of the Autoimmune Plant Based Cookbook and the online Autoimmune Recovery Plan. She resides with her family in central California.

The SURVIVE and THRIVE Series 

As she and Mercy both saw a need for plant based educational resources for those with autoimmune disease and leaky gut, they recently coauthored the Autoimmune Plant Based Cookbook and designed the online course The Autoimmune Recovery Plan, based upon the protocol used at the Years Restored Lifestyle Center. 

Information for the lifestyle center can be found at Yearsrestored.com. The online course is available at https://www.drjoycechoe.com/autoimmune-recovery-plan. Their book is available at Wholenessmarket.com. 

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