In-Person Outdoor Worship Protocol 

  1.  Please fill out the registration below letting us know if you plan to attend one of our In-Person Outdoor Worships.

  2. If you plan on attending, we ask that you keep a close watch on your health a few days prior to attending. If you are exhibiting ANY sick symptoms we ask that you do not attend in-person service and just join us online.

  3. If you or anyone in your family has been around someone with COVID, such as health care and frontline workers please be smart about your decision to attend. Either take a test prior to coming or stay home for safety if you are unsure whether or not you have it.

  4. On the day of worship, your temperature will be checked and your picture will be taken at the entrance gate for tracking and documentation purposes.

  5. Everyone is REQUIRED to bring and wear their own masks at all times. Masks are mandatory for all attendees except when unable or unsafe, i.e., small children or others to whom wearing a mask would present a risk. Masks must always cover both the mouth and nose. Hand sanitizer will be provided upon entry and will be placed throughout the worship site.

  6. All attendees are asked to strictly follow social distancing guidelines including refraining from any physical contact, such as shaking hands, hugging, kissing or elbow bumping, etc. Social distancing (six feet or more between any individual/household unit and another individual/ household unit) must be maintained at all times, including on the platform during speaking, introducing others, etc. 

  7. Each family will be asked to sit with their family unit designated by tables and chairs spaced 6-10ft apart.

  8. Children under the age of 17 must be under the direct supervision of their parent/guardian at all times.

  9. There is no potluck lunch or eating on the church premises. Personal water bottles are allowed. All water dispensers will be shut off and covered for safety purposes. 



Thank you for understanding and please don't forget to sign-up below.  


Below is the LA County Department of Public Health Protocol for Places of Worship. Upper Room Fellowship acknowledges and follows these guidelines for the health and safety of our parishioners. 


"Here at Upper Room, you're family! Come just as you are and leave with a deeper connection with God and with your new family members in Christ."

Pastor Kevin Camato, Lead Pastor


710 E. Gladstone St. Glendora, CA 91740

We rent from the Gladstone Glendora Church


Bible study for all ages - 10:45am

Worship - 11:30am


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710 E. Gladstone St. Glendora, CA 91740