A 2000 year old sermon that defied the culture and custom of its time still rings true today. Our faith was not meant to follow the norms of tradition or worldly wisdom but was to standout, stand-up and stand strong in the face of cultural norms. It was meant to be Radical. All because a Radical God sent in Radical Son to show us a Radical Kingdom we were all meant to live out.

Join us for our new Friday Night bible study starting this Friday, January 5 at 7:30 pm as we go over the simple yet Radical chapters of the Beatitudes.

Meeting ID: 831 0027 4830

Passcode: RAD

Below is the webpage to the Ellen White Writings website. We will be using her book, Thoughts From the Mount of Blessings to supplement our bible study. Please feel free to read the chapters in advance as we study this powerful passage on the Beatitudes.